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Hello! I have been crafting ever since I can remember. I am retired now, and have gotten more into making handmade cards. I have also done some scrapbooking and a couple orders for wedding invitations. I really enjoyed doing them! Also have a few baby items I have made, used to sew all the time, but the cards have taken over now!

Welcome to my craft room.

This is the place where I keep track of the cards I have made.

Glad you could stop by and take a look.

Decorated Christmas Plates

Some Christmas plates I made using grandchildren's footprints.

Retirement Card

This is a 3 D decoupage card, that I did for the receptionist that works at my Vet's office. She has been there 17 yrs, and has finally decided to retire. She will be missed, she was always so cheerful and bubbly!

Shoe Birthday Card

This was a Birthday card for one of my daughters, who wanted a new
pair of shoes, so inside I put the money for them.

Lilac Lady Pyramid Card

I liked doing the pyramid cards so much, did another one.

3D Decoupaged Gardener's Card

Pyramid and Vellum

This was my first Pyramid card.

Gardener's Card

60th Birthday Card

This is a Birthday card that I made using clipart.


This is the little " Diva Dog, " Molly. She is 2yrs old now, and rules the household! We are working on changing that!!!

Connor's Scrapbook

Here is a page from Connor's Scrapbook, he is now 1yr old!

Grandson's Birth Announcement Cards

Wedding Card

This is a card that I used bits and pieces from other things.
The bouquet of flowers is a 3D scrapbook embellishment.
(sorry about the shadow I got when I scanned it)

Wedding Card

This was a wedding card that I made for my son and his new wife.

First Anniversary Card

Pet Sympathy Card

This is a card that I just made for a friend who just recently lost one of her pets.

Connor and Chocolate Cake

This is Connor's First Birthday!

Looks like he couldn't wait to dig into his Birthday Cake!!
No utensils needed !!!!! This picture will definetly be going into his scrapbook.

My First Wedding Scrapbook

Here are a few pages from " The Wedding Scrapbook".
This book is taking hours to do, there are so many pictures to go through, and then to decide how to display them!!!

But it is very rewarding when you see them all come together!

Wedding Card

This was a card that I was really pleased with how it turned out. The bride was a Victorian paper doll cut out, that I found on the Internet, and then I dressed her in scraps of lace to make the dress, and then trimmed the veil with pearl beads and put a little blush on her face. I then mounted her on two layers of card stock and then fixed her to the front of the card.
This is why I hate to throw anything out, you never know when and idea will come to mind!!

Bridal Shower Card

I like to try and use different things when making cards, and I have a hard time throwing anything that I think I might be able to use!!
This one is made of sample wallpaper. I used a marbled vinyl for the background and then a plain vinyl on top with the stitching marks, and then embellished it with the silver heart and bow. Then made the tag with the words on it.

My motto is " don't throw anything away ," the minute you do then I find a use for it!!! LOL
(there are days that I do have to go through and discard things that I haven't used as I can not stand too much clutter! )

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